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What is Viga Spray in Pakistan?

Viga spray in Pakistan controls the effectiveness of the penis when the head is showered and works within 5 minutes of spraying. When used, you can have sex many times longer than before. Vega timing spray is available in Pakistan Premature ejaculation is a common condition that affects millions (75%) of men one after another. Vimax Spray The Sun has announced that “a splash made by British experts to help men stay in bed several times longer.” He said tests showed that splash increased sexual intercourse from seconds to the right for four minutes.

The newspaper said that five minutes before the sex viga spray price in Pakistan, in the investigation of 300 men, temporary discharge was used or fake treatment was given. Men who used splash had a delay of 0.6 minutes to 3.8 minutes in intercourse, while the combination of fake treatments increased to 1.1 minutes.

All of the men in the test had premature ejaculation and the shower really wouldn’t have an effect on men without this condition who need longer sex. Also, this drug is not a “spray on Viagra” because it contains a variety of drugs and, unlike Viagra, is not used to treat erectile dysfunction. More randomized controlled startups are expected to decide whether PSD502 Splash is interested in different drugs, for example, social or other drug treatments.


How Does It Work?

To treat penile ED, take this medicine orally as advised by your primary care physician, as Vega spray is required in Lahore. Take sildenafil at any rate 30 minutes, still close to 4 hours, before sexual intercourse (1 hour before is best). Try not to take it more than once every day.

When you spray it on your penis, you can have sex many times longer than the first Viga Spray in Karachi. All this added ability to go a long way can enable you to meet your loved one, which guarantees a wonderful height for both of you. Man size 3000 Premature ejaculation is a very common condition that affects about 75% of men at some point in their lives.

This item is recommended for anyone who accepts this premature ejaculation that is separating the extramarital sex with their partner. Spray twice on the penis guide, and hang firmly for 5 minutes then you’re ready to go. Ignore it when you feel a shivering sensation after taking a shower as this Vega spray in Islamabad will disappear in an instant. In the same way you can spray it on the palm of your hand and gently rub the penis. This shower is without extra fragrance and taste, so your partner will not get any answer about your mystery when it falls on you.


The most recognized shower reaction is a temporary loss of effectiveness, which can lead to difficulty maintaining the organ during pre-game or penetration sex. Feeling of food as the skin grows. Untimely death due to misuse of splash.

Use of Viga Spray:-

For best results, shower Super Vega 50000 with Vitamin E 5 to 10 minutes before your intercourse. – Vital trench spray is protected by covering the entire penis leader only 3-4 times. – Don’t spray too much with the belief that more rain means more abuse time. Too much bathing is destructive.

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